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Along with our own videos, we also curate YouTubes that align with our mission statement of "Bringing people together with Spirit."

Check out our channel & subscribe for uplifting & informative videos by Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss & other spiritual teachers that we find helpful.

I'll also make sure there's some good music on there too & course, stuff that makes me laugh. - MAL
The DTCP YouTube Channel
WitchClass 1: Trailers

WitchClass 1 Trailer

WitchClass 1:1 
The BasicsTrailer

WitchClass 1:2
Elements Trailer

WitchClass 1:3
​Basic Spells Trailer

WitchClass 1:4 Astrology Trailer

WitchClass 1:5 Gods & Goddesses Trailer

WitchClass 1:6
Wheel of the Year Trailer

WitchClass 1:7
Circle Casting Trailer

WitchClass 1:8
Quarter Calls Trailer

WitchClass 1:9
Divination Trailer

WitchClass 1:10
Magickal Tools Trailer

WitchClass 1:11
Ethics & Etiquette Trailer

WitchClass 2: Trailers

WitchClass 2:1
Intro Trailer

WitchClass 2 - 2 Love Spells Trailer

Sunday Services w/ Rev. Mark

Cultivating Peace 1
​w/ Rev. Mark

Cultivating Peace 2
​w/ Rev. Mark

Cultivating Peace 3
​w/ Rev. Mark

Imbolc Service
​w/ Rev. Mark

Magick, Miracles & Mysticism ​w/ Rev. Mark

Ostara Service
​w/ Rev. Mark

Beltane Service: Divine Love w/ Rev. Mark

Litha Service: Surrendering to Litha


Malvlog: 1. Introduction
& Mabon

MALvlog: 2 - Why Witchcraft?

MALvlog: 3 - 30
Years of Tarot

MALvlog: 4 - Samhain & The Underworld

MALvlog: 5 - Magick, Miracles & Mysticism

MALvlog: 6 - 
Cataclysmic Change

MALvlog 7: Meditation & The Witch Archetype

Class & Workshop Trailers

Meditate with Mark:1 - Intro Trailer

Vampires & Witches

The Tarot Workshops: Introduction

Meditate with Mark 2 Trailer

Miracles with Mark Trailer

The Witch Archetype Workshop 1 Trailer

Meditate w/Mark: 3 - Money Mantras Trailer

WitchClass 3:1 Intro Trailer

Miracles with Mark Workshop 2 Trailer

Meditate w/Mark: 4 - Alchemizing Pain Trailer

The "Meets"

Meet Rev. Amy

Meet Gaetana

Meet Rev. Mark

Meet The Interior Collective

Meet Rev. Janet

Meet Arcana

The Silver Broom Tour

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