Vampires & Witches
with Rev. Mark A. Lyons
The Vampire is an image from fiction, but the Vampire Archetype is very real & alive.
This 2 hour class is for Witches in particular to educate themselves about those who try to drain us, how to identify a psychic as well as archetypal vampire & what to do when confronted with one.

Meditate with Mark
with Rev. Mark A. Lyons
A Workshop series discussing meditataion & offering guided practice in spiritual practice.

Meditate with Mark Workshop Series

Miracles with Mark
with Rev. Mark A. Lyons
Perspectives & practice on the principles of A Course in Miracles from a Witch / Pagan point of view.

Miracles with Mark Workshop Series

The Witch Archetype
with Rev. Mark A. Lyons

​Mark lectures on many of the inherent soul powers that make up the Witch.  

Through this kind of soul investigation we can discover our own alchemical mix of energies that better define who we are as Witches.

The Witch Archetype 1:
Intro & The Survival Family

The Witch Archetype 3: The Masculine Family

The Witch Archetype 2: The Feminine Family

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