The Silver Broom Ministries
"All who harm none are welcome."

46 Railroad Ave.
Sayville, NY 11782
(631) 750-5633

Community, Congregation & Coven


The Silver Broom Ministries is a Non Profit Church established in 2006 with full tax exempt status as a charitable organization (501c3).

We offer events for inspirational & educational purposes while building an ongoing, ever expanding community.

Photos by Djinn Photography
The Lady Ironfox Memorial Library is also available as a perusal library for the public. 


Many walk through the front gates of
The Silver Broom. Many stay to become friends.

We support each other’s individual
paths through respectful conversation,
networking & friendship.

Our weekly Sunday Morning Services , continue to bring people together, forming a strong congregation of friends.
We may pray differently, but we pray together & in support of one another.

Our monthly fundraiser
An Enchanted Evening  
draws from the healing & intuitive skills of our congregation & coven. 

Seasonal events include 
The annual Halloween & Yule parties as well as our annual open house at Sayville Summerfest.

Photos by Djinn Photography


The Silver Broom Ministries grew out of the coven The Solitaries of The Silver Broom, founded by High Priestess Amy Krinner  &  High Priest Mark A. Lyons in 1996.

We offer clergy training to those who have shown interest & capacity from within this coven structure.

Dedicants to the coven are drawn from our community & congregation following an inner calling. 

Photos by Djinn Photography


Drawing the Circle Productions, INC
46 RailRoad Ave
Sayville, NY 11782 
Office & Event Hours:
Monday    12pm-9pm
Tuesday  12pm-9pm
Wednesday 12pm-9pm
Thursday   12pm-9pm
Friday    12pm-6pm
Saturday   12pm-6pm
Sunday    Closed / Special Events

The Silver Broom Supply Shop

Candles &
crystals &
Oh My!

Our Silver Broom Supply Shop in Sayville is a place where people can purchase items to personalize their spiritual practice.

One of a kind hand crafted pieces are available from artisans in our coven & community.

Drop in & sit for a spell.

All donations to the Silver Broom Ministries are tax deductable.

We can receive donations in person at The SIlver Broom in order to provide a receipt for tax filing.

You can also PayPal a donation by going to & inputting our email 
into the Address field in the Send Menu. - Silver Broom PayPal