Magick, Miracles
& Mysticism

A workshop series in advanced metaphysics & spirituality with a focus on Chakras, archetypal dynamics, Alchemy, Healing, Creativity & the Mystical Path
Seasonal Workshop Series  / 3 hours

You Will Learn

Magick, Miracles & Mysticism is a 13 class series exploring a more in-depth look at metaphysics & spirituality.
Class One: 3 Levels of Power – The Basics
Class Two: The Chakras Part 1 – Sanskrit & Sacraments
Class Three: The Chakras Part 2 The Tree of Life & Sabbats
Class Four: Archetypes Part 1 – The Survival Family
Class Five: Archetypes Part 2 – The Feminine & Masculine
Class Six: Archetypes Part 3 – The Divine & Wisdom
Class Seven: Archetypes Part 4 – The Healing & Creative
Class Eight: Archetypes Part 5 – The Action & Wild Card
Class Nine: Gods & Archetypes
Class Ten: Healing
Class Eleven: Alchemy & Incarnation
Class Twelve: Divine Purpose,The Shamanic Descent & the Dark Night of the Soul
Class Thirteen: Wrap up

30.00 Reservations Required

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Rev. Mark A. Lyons

Founding Elder of The Solitaries of the Silver Broom 

Ordained Minister & Board Secretary of The Silver Broom Ministries

President of Drawing The Circle Productions,

Hands on Healer & Reiki Practitioner

Clairvoyant Empath Tarot Reader

Teacher and Spiritual Counselor​

"Most of the time I meet new students when they want to learn about Witchcraft & seplls, so I teach them about Magick..
Then after awhile a percentage of those students need something more, a deeper experince of their own interior world, so I teach them about Miracles.
Then an even smaller percentage really want to go for it & expereince the divine head on, then I teach them about Mysticism.

This workshop sereis is probably my favoritte of the 3 hour formats.
It's so deep & so powerful.
Plus there's nothing quite like watching a student's life transform for the better right in front of my eyes week to week."
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  1. TBA
    7:00 - 10:00 PM Magick Miracles & Mysticism: Archetypes III
    The Silver Broom Ministries 46 Railroad Ave. Sayville, NY 11782
    Rev. Mark A. Lyons