Rev. Janet Grace-Alvarado

Titles / Degrees:
  • First Degree Priestess of The Solitaries of the Silver Broom
  • Ordained Minister
  • Certified Angel Specialist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Tarot Intuitive
  • O.M., C.A.S.; C.L.C.; C.T.I.,.
  • Mo.Fo.

Teaching / Hosting:
  • An Enchanted Evening Tarot Reader
  • Your Dreams Begin Here tm

Education / Training:
  • The Silver Broom Ministries, Sayville, NY
  • Cornell University, NY
  • Berklee School Of Music
  • World-wide Online
  • Queens College, NY
  • Landmark Education Corporation, NY
  • American Airlines Learning Center; Dallas, TX;
  • Private and Professional Musical Instruction in
    • Composition; Song Writing; Performance; Piano; Percussion; Guitar; Bass; Trumpet; Production.
  • Musical Instructors:
    • Ms. Amy Coleman/Vocals.
    • David Cox/Percussion drums, vibes, timbales; congas.
    • Bob Madigan; Trumpet. Steve Amend;Guitar.
    • Songwriting; Pat Patitison;
    • Music Production/Louden Stearns *Woof.

Business Experience:
  • 2014 – Present    My Angel From The Sky
    • Creating; authoring and leading Group Seminars and Weekend Workshops with emphasis on self-empowerment and understanding; designing YOUR life with a fact-based spiritual slant.
      • Created “Drive Your Dreams To Reality” TM and “Your Dreams Begin Here” T M   Self-Empowerment Workshops.

  • 2007 – 2014    Ordained Minister: Business, Personal, and Spiritually Intuitive Counsel.  
    • Began Esoteric and Spiritual Studies at The Silver Broom Ministries under the direction of Rev. Mark A. Lyons; Rev. Amy Krinner.; Rev. Kathleen Torres; Reiki Gail;, Pstr. David Weber; Rev. Andrea Lachar.
    • Certified in Tarot and as Usui Reiki Master.

  • 1991 – 2007    American Express TRS; New York, NY
    • Assigned to Top Level SVP accounts; i.e. J. P. Morgan; Swiss Bank; Hughes Hubbard Reed LLP; Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, operating on-site as Senior Travel Specialist managing and training.

    • Corporate Travel Specialist; National Director Sales and Marketing; Group Travel Manager; Outside Agent.
    • Learned and worked all facets of the Corporate Travel World with a heavy emphasis on Global World Travel creating, managing and leading symposiums in Europe and Japan for companies listed above

Other Services:
Business, Personal and Spiritual Private Counseling
Intuitive Private Sessions
Corporate and Personal Life Coaching
Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese


About Janet:

Summary: More than 30 years of experience in the Corporate World; 25 years of Certified Life Coaching; Public Speaking; Legal Travel/ Management Training. 8 years experience as Spiritual Counsel.

"Life is Like a Piano.
What You Get Out Of It, Depends On How You Play It."

Tom Lehrer.

"You’ve Got it ALL in your Shopping Mall." 

Janet Grace-Alvarado

Janet  Grace
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