Rev. David W.

Titles / Degrees:
  • Ordained Reverend of The Silver Broom Ministries

About David:
David has been studying various forms of martial
arts and meditation techniques since the age of twelve.

He began studying Ceremonial Magick,

as taught by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
twenty two years ago and for the last thirteen years
has been a member of the Order.

Now a Senior Adept of the Order,

he is currently the leader of the only authorized
Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
on Long Island as well as a personal friend
and student of Aaron Leitch.

David is also the recipient of a European Knighthood
with traceable, direct lineage to the venerable
Knights Templar of antiquity and Third Degree Witch and Minister.

He is also a member of an ancient esoteric society

of which he served as Provincial Grand Master of the United States.

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