Lady Bridget Bacalla / Honeywolf

Titles / Degrees:
  • First Degree Priestess of the Solitaries of the Silver Broom.
  • Certified DTCP Tarot Reader

Teaching / Hosting:
of what I have planned for my Self Esteem seminar.
The way we see and feel about ourselves has
an unbelievable ripple effect in every facet of our lives.
During the two hours we have together,
I will touch on why Caroline Myss's
Self Esteem: Your Fundamental Power
had such a profound effect on me and what I hope you will get out of this class."
Education / Training:
  • Current Silver Broom Ministries Clergy Student
  • Certified Reiki I Student

Business Experience:
  • 2013 - Present - Professional Tarot Reader

Other Services:
  • Private Tarot Readings 
  • Available for fund raisers & Charity work as a Tarot Reader

About Bridget:

"I came to the Broom to find a community to belong to
that had the same beliefs that I did.  
I received more than I ever expected; I’ve found a family.  

Speaking as someone who is at least
a decade younger than her next sibling,
I was raised like an only child.  

My family at the Silver Broom has taught and shown me h
ow to open up to people, that it’s okay to be me
no matter how goofy I am.  

 I love reading tarot cards because not only am I helping people
by interpreting the cards but I’m also having fun."​

"Teach what you love to do.
If you are passionate about a subject
and your students are interested,
your passion will be infectious."



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