Alisha Meston


About Alisha:​​
Alisha Meston is a self-taught art student.  

Her artistic process began in 2009, when she first attended
Suffolk Community College as a Graphic Design major.  
She took her first charcoal art class and absolutely fell in love!  
The feeling and forgiving structure of charcoal on paper,
it was nothing that she had experienced before.  
It was complete freedom for her.

In 2012, Alisha was diagnosed with debilitating
Chronic Lyme Disease and Autoimmune issues.  
All of a sudden art became part of her healing process,
physically and emotionally.

Through the healing journey,
Alisha began experimenting with watercolor and acrylic painting.  
Looking to expand her art experience and knowledge,
she joined an art group in Smithtown Library
where she continued to improve her art.  
In March of 2015, Alisha had her first art showing
along with other talented artists in the Smithtown Library.

Alisha for the first time will be sharing what she has learned
in a 3 hour acrylic painting journey.
She believes that anyone can paint.  
Art is a skill that anyone can learn and develop with practice.  

“No matter how long you have been painting you will always be a student.
There is always something new to learn.”
Alisha Meston

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