Witchclass Cycle Three – Gods & Goddesses: Class 13 – Graduation Ceremony


WitchClass Cycle Three – Gods & Goddesses
with Rev. Mark A. Lyons
$30 Admission. Reservations Required.

Join us for 13 classes of exploring the Gods & Goddesses.
This Cycle seeks to familiarize students with 21 different deities, their myths & magicks.

Class 1 – Introduction:
Goals of the Class – To manifest a space to explore the Gods & Goddesses of Hellenic Greece for the Witch to apply to Magick, Transformation & Spiritual Practice
Gods in Mythology
Gods & Archetypes
Gods in Everyone
Gods in Magick
Gods as Personal Matrons / Patrons

Class 2 – Love, Sun & War:
Aphrodite, Apollo & Ares

Class 3 – Hunt, Wisdom & Magick:
Artemis, Athena & Circe

Class 4 – Wheat, Wine & Romance:
Demeter, Dionysus & Eros

Class 5 – Death, Diplomacy & Creativity:
Hades, Harmonia & Hephaestus

Class 6 – Queen, Hero & Trickster:
Hera, Heracles & Hermes

Class 7 – Hearth, Health & Nature:
Hestia, Hygeia & Pan

Class 8 – Spring, Sea & King:
Persephone, Poseidon & Zeus

Class 9 – Triads:
Kronos, Kairos & The 12
Artemis, Diana & Hecate
Demeter, Persephone & Hades
Ares, Aphrodite & Hephaestus
Aphrodite, Eros & Ares
Hermes, Aphrodite & Hermaphrodite
Zeus, Poseidon & Hades
Hera, Athena & Aphrodite

Class 10 – Spellwork

Class 11 – Ritual Design

Class 12 – Graduation Ceremony


The Vortex Appreciation Group: Unconditional


Unconditional Love is written about, talked about & considered the pinnacle of spirituality. Yet we all fall so shot of the goal because it has become an “Upstream Attainment.”

Tonight we look at how alignment with source & working with the Three Universal Laws of Manifestation point to not just Unconditional Love, but also Unconditional Living.

Especially for the Witch, “Bide the Witches’ Laws ye must in Perfect Love & Perfect Trust” softens into a process of keeping our vibrations high & our intentions tuned to seeing through the Eyes of Source.

There are so many ways into the Vortex. So many techniques, games, exercises & processes have been offered over the years. Yet if you make getting into the Vortex ‘work’ it can create the very resistance you seek to overcome.

In these weekly gathering, we take the work… out of the equation & really have a ball together. Though the conversations get deep, it is always uplifting & fun.

As we acknowledge that raising vibration is a gradual process, we drop the oars & let the current take us & turn us downstream, becoming the people our spirits have already become.

Admission is $10. Reservations Required.


WitchClass Cycle One: Class 1 – The Basics


WitchClass Cycle One
with Rev. Mark A.Lyons & Rev. Amy Krinner
$10 admission. Reservations Required.

Whether you’re a Witch, a Witch in training, or just curious, these classes are a fun introduction to the Craft.

With a focus on the Witch’s Rede: “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will” students learn the basics in the Art & Science of Witchcraft.

Join us for another cycle of this educational & enjoyable journey through the basics of Witchcraft. This 13 week series is in its 14th year of bringing together Witches of every race, age & spiritual background. We have trained Mothers & Daughters, Sisters & Wives. We have taught husbands & brothers, boyfriends & co-workers alike. We have made friends. We have discovered family. We have woven a community strand by strand.

Classes 1 through 11 are open. Classes 12 and 13 are closed,
Private Make up classes are available upon request.

Class One – The Basics of Witchcraft: What is a Witch? What is Witchcraft? Discussions on: the Witches Rede poetic version, the 13 principals of Witchcraft, Grounding / Centering, Witchcraft as an Art & Science. What is a Book of Shadows?

Class Two – Elements & Sacred Space: What are the 5 elements? Discussion of: elemental correspondences, the Pentacle, Altars, Purifying / creating sacred space

Class Three – Basic Spell Casting: How do you cleanse & consecrate? Discussion of: proper spell ingredients, symbolic correspondences, timing Magick with the Moon, phrasing your Intent, wording, taglines & loopholes for safe & effective magick.

Class Four -Astrology ( Intermediate Spell Casting): How Astrology effects Magick & Spellwork. Planet / Sign / House / Intent correspondences. Astrological aspects & spellwork (New & Full Moon alignments)

Class Five – Gods & Goddesses (Advanced Spell Casting): How Spirit = Energy, Plugging spells into divinity, Discussion of different pantheons, Gods & Goddesses Correspondences.

Class Six – The Wheel of the Year: Discussion of: the 8 holidays (holy days) of the Witch’s year, the 4 seasonal quarters, the 4 seasonal cross quarters, Seasonal Correspondences, Long-term spellwork, Ceremony / Ritual ideas.

Class Seven – Circle Casting: What is a Magickal Circle ? What does it do & how does it work? Programming circles. 6 easy to use versatile Circle Casts How to write circle casts for all occasions. Hands on demonstration.

Class Eight – Quarter Calls: What is a Quarter Call? Differences between Elements & Elementals. The how-to’s of Quarter calling: stirring, summoning, calling. How to close Quarters & Extensive directional correspondences

Class Nine – Divination: How a Witch uses divination. We discuss: Tarot, Runes, pendulum work, scrying & other oracles in the use of witchcraft. Several quick & easy spreads to help you fine-tune your magick.

Class Ten – Magickal Tools: Elemental correspondences with the different tools. How tools are used to focus our own inner power.
Magickal Tools show & tell. Fundamental teaching that “The Power is in the Witch.

Class Eleven – Ethics & Etiquette & Cycle Review: What is expected of a proper witch in public ceremonies: Before, During & After ceremony. Ethical do’s & don’ts when; applying specific spellwork, healing, in public& when binding / banishing. A review of classes 1 – 10

Class Twelve – Ritual Design: Application of all that was learned in the first 11 classes. Basic ritual outlines from start to finish. The whole class participates in designing the Graduation Ceremony.

Class Thirteen – Graduation Ceremony: Performance of the Ritual designed in Class 12.

Certificates of Completion given to each student.

Sunday Morning Services with Lady Cat


Every Sunday morning at 10am people meet to renew & recharge.

In this spiritual service, the group has a chance to relax, chat & discuss what they need & what’s up in the world.

Sabbat Services honoring the seasonal Holidays of the Wheel of the Year are offered consistently.

This is a Universal service. All who harm none are welcome.

Donations requested but not required.

The Tarot Workshop: Level II


The Tarot Workshop with Rev. Mark A. Lyons

This workshop is for those looking to deepen their experience with Tarot &/or are establishing a career as a professional Tarot Reader.

Each weekend is an exploration of Tarot implementing 3 levels of power The Literal / Physical, The Personal / Emotional – Mental & The Symbolic / Spiritual.

Each Workshop includes lectures, hands on exercises & personal instruction to facilitate a deep & resonant experience as a Tarot Reader.

Each participant receives a Rider Waite Tarot Deck as a working notebook Students are encouraged to write on these cards as they learn the system.

Workshops are by reservation only.
Course Syllabus

Level I – The Literal Interpretation: Card by card analysis, The mysterious history of the deck, Expanding Correspondences, The Psychology of the Mystic Insights Tarot, Tarot Notation, Tarot Journal setup & exercises

Level II – The Personal Interpretation of the Tarot: Essence & form of Divination, The Subconscious, Clearing & Seasoning the cards, The Nature of Intuition, Spreads, Hearing the inner voice

Level III – The Symbolic Interpretation of the Tarot: Prayer work & Building energy, Grounding & Centering, Tarot Kits, Setting up a professional business, Client Etiquette, Tarot Junkies & Psychic Vampires, Spirit Guides

Certification Requirements: 50 Hours of community Service Readings, The completion of all written work from the 3 levels
Passing the Final Exam – Reading Mark.

Admission is $200 per level.
Payment plans are available & PayPal is available for this event:


An Enchanted Evening


An Enchanted Evening
A Magickal fund Raiser for the Silver Broom Ministries
Always the 3rd Thursday of the month.
Help us, Help you, Help us.

Join us for a night of:

$1 a minute Featured Services.
Come & receive a reading or service from one of our many skilled practitioners. (subject to change due to availability)

Acupuncture, Astrology, Chiropractic, Massage, Reiki, Runes & Tarot

50/50 Raffle & Music, Snacks & More!

All proceeds go to The Silver Broom Ministries.
Come join the party!