MM&M Angels & Archetypes Part I: Introduction to the Angel


Magick, Miracles & Mysticism: Angels & Archetypes
with Rev. Mark A. Mark A Lyons
Admission $30. Reservations Required

An old Gem in a new format: Angels are Messengers. The Higher Self is a Messenger, an intermediary between you & the Divine Source.

Utilizing simple & sacred techniques contact is made with the Higher Self as Guardian Angel. The Archetype of the Angel is Universal & has resonated through the global mind for centuries.

In this 4 part series is about connecting & communicating with the Angel within each of us.

MM&M Angels & Archetypes Part I: Introduction to the Angel

MM&M Angels & Archetypes Part II: The Star & Archangels

MM&M Angels & Archetypes Part III: Grace, Shadow, The King & Queen

MM&M Angels & Archetypes Part IV: Spirit Guides & The Angelic Ceremony

More classes can be added to this series due to interest.


The Vortex Appreciation Group: Upgrades


It is common for those involved with learning the process of Deliberate Creation to experience some chaos in their lives. This is usually the result of a much higher vibration coming in than was dominant for awhile & things get stirred up in the physical world.

This is often a process of upgrades coming into our lives. As we upgrade our vibration, everything around us starts to change so it can be upgraded. The temptation to turn back is strong, as we watch the old patterns, people, places & things shake loose for new ones to come in. Think of it as baby teeth being pushed out for the adult teeth to come in.

Tonight we will discuss the benefit of flowing with the upgrades & how to do that in a way that is general, easier & feels better. Happiness, eagerness & excitement is more than available, it is how your Inner Bring responds to it all.

There are so many ways into the Vortex. So many techniques, games, exercises & processes have been offered over the years. Yet if you make getting into the Vortex ‘work’ it can create the very resistance you seek to overcome.

In these weekly gathering, we take the work… out of the equation & really have a ball together. Though the conversations get deep, it is always uplifting & fun.

As we acknowledge that raising vibration is a gradual process, we drop the oars & let the current take us & turn us downstream, becoming the people our spirits have already become.

Admission is $10. Reservations Required.


Intro to Astrology – Water Signs & Planets


Saving the best for last. We look at the signs, of Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces and the planets, Moon, Pluto & Neptune. We will also work on a time line of the outer planets’ journey through the signs during the 20th century.

Witchclass Cycle Two: Introduction – Goals of the Course


WitchClass Cycle Two – Spellbook
with Rev. Mark A.Lyons & Rev. Amy Krinner
Admission $15. Reservations Required
(Paper handouts for almost every class so reservations are helpful)

This course is the practical application of the skills taught in Witchclass Cycle One. The focus is to build a Spellbook.

Each class will include a lecture on the type of Magick specified, including symbolic correspondences, deities & aspects of the Law of Attraction.

Each class will include pre written spells, as well as an attempt at writing one as a group. At the end of this cycle, the student will have an arsenal of spells for many occasions.

Course Syllabus

1. Introduction – Goals of the Course
2.Love Magick
3.Money Magick
4.House & Home Magick
5.Health & Healing Magick
6. Work , Career & Vocation Magick
7. Protection & Defense Magick
8. Deity Magick
9. Enlightenment Magick
10. Potions & Powders Magick
11. Ritual Design
12. Graduation Ceremony


Sunday Morning Services with Lady Star


Every Sunday morning at 10am people meet to renew & recharge.

In this spiritual service, the group has a chance to relax, chat & discuss what they need & what’s up in the world.

Sabbat Services honoring the seasonal Holidays of the Wheel of the Year are offered consistently.

This is a Universal service. All who harm none are welcome.

Donations requested but not required.