The Vortex!


The Vortex with Rev. Mark A. Lyons
Admission is $10. Reservations Required.

Summer is in full swing & there’s never been a better time to get into the #Vortex! The Vortex feels good & is the vibrational holding place for all that you want to come into your life.

It is true that we each create our own reality, but only a small percentage of people do it deliberately.
Universal Law is really at the heart of all #Magick.
But you have to be a consistent emotional match to what you want for it to show up.

Join us for this ongoing weekly meeting where we tune to Spirit, ask questions, allow answers & attract to us everything that we want to be, do & have.

The Wise Wealth Workshop starts September 9th, 7pm


The Wise Wealth Workshop
with Rev. Mark A Lyons
Admission $10. Reservation Required.

“If the wealth isn’t in the hands of the wise, where is it?”
This is the question that inspired this weekly 2 hour workshop for Witches & non Witches alike.

Each week we will apply knowledge from different wisdom traditions to help those in attendance BE wealth rather then GET wealthy.

Discussion topics will include Dharma, Financial Karma, Magick, Quantum, Spells, Universal Laws & of course Witchcraft in general, to inspire anyone wanting to live a wealthier life to create that deliberately.

Blessed Beltane & Happy Birthday to The Silver Broom Ministries!

All Who TSBM

10 years ago today Amy, myself & our coven, The Solitaries of the Silver Broom, took a giant leap of faith into destiny.
Thank you everyone for all off your love, participation & support these 10 years & going forward!
It is a great joy to serve such a fun community, congregation & coven. – MAL

Good Morning! & Blessed Beltane

Circle Logo 2003

17 years ago today I took a ride out to Riverhead, LI & signed the DBA papers for Drawing The Circle Productions, INC.
It has been a wild & joyous ride, doing what I love & serving my community at the same time.
No one thought we would make it this far, especially me, but here we are.
Thank you to everyone who has made it such a wonderful experience & here’s to the coming journey into more Magick, Miracles, Mysticism & Magnificence. – MAL