Beltane Service w/ Lady Cathy Cardet


Every Sunday morning at 10am people meet to renew & recharge. In this spiritual service, the group has a chance to relax, chat & discuss what they need & what’s up in the world.

Sabbat Services honoring the seasonal Holidays of the Wheel of the Year are offered consistently.

This is a Universal service. All who harm none are welcome.

Donations requested but not required.

The Silver Broom & Drawing the Circle are closed Christmas Day


Merry Christmas! We will be with our Muggle friends & family celebrating the Holiday. All of us at Drawing the Circle & the Silver Broom Ministries wish you & yours all the very best of the season. – MAL


The Spell for Grace – Yule Pouch


The Spell for Grace

Blessed Yule!

Every year for Yule our community, congregation & coven gather at different times to celebrate the sabbat. As a thank you to everyone, we create a pouch spell with an intention of magick that will help, heal or uplift us all as One.

We usually make about 100 of them to cover the different occasions we meet up. This year we chose #Grace as our intention for the spell, as it covers everything from the personal to the global.

But Grace means many things to many people. To define it all here would take more than a blog post. So I refer to a quote from Caroline Myss, one of my favorite teachers of all time. Those of you who have studied with me know my respect for Caroline & how much her work has helped me walk my path.

CarolineMyssGrace is a power that comes in and transforms a moment into something better.” Caroline Myss

Over the past year I was guided (felt more like forced) to turn to Grace more than ever before. That quote is only a small arrow pointing to so much more than words can convey. Grace has given me much & I have learned more than I expected about my soul, relationships & the Divine itself in the process.

There are many kinds of Grace within the subject, similar to how white light refracts through a prism into the spectrum of color. I consider Grace itself the “Mother Grace” which then births other manifestations of Grace, like Humility, Hope, Endurance, Mercy & so forth. Each is a mystery to be explored & very transformative.

I refer you to Caroline Myss for more on that. She’s the best in my opinion & I am still following my own interior curriculum on the subject. But I have experienced enough this year to share that Grace is available to all life.

In truth, Grace permeates all life. Some would call it an energy. But that word is missing the sacred context & power that Grace holds. Energy can perhaps be summoned or raised, but Grace cannot.

It is everywhere, but we must tune ourselves to it to perceive & experience it. We do this through prayer. That’s a huge difference between energy & Grace, in what I’ve learned so far.

So, this spell is a way to catch a whiff of Grace, to connect with it & channel its force & light through us & into all of life. By doing this, by channeling Grace in service to ourselves & others, we feel it.

When I do, I’m temporarily lifted above the fray. Here I receive guidance from within, guidance that heals, perceptions transformed into Vision, illusions dissolved into Truth. Not always all at once mind you. It is after all, a spiritual practice & for some a devotion. It has certainly become an invaluable daily practice to me over the bulk of the past year.

The ingredients for the spell itself are a simple combination of Chamomile, Lavender & Jasmine.

In our pouches we used:

  • Dried Chamomile like you’d find in the herbal tea- 1 cup

  • Lavender Oil  – 2 drops

  • Jasmine Oil. – 1 drop

Combine the 3 in any forms you have or that work for you. We found the essential Jasmine Oil we had was very strong, so we balanced the Lavender Oil to Jasmine Oil ratio 2 / 1 .

The rest is simple, combine in pouch then enchant with the words. Carry it in the pouch or burn as an incense. You could make an infusion then bathe or sprinkle as needed, whatever suits your need. However this is NOT for internal use, i.e. don’t eat or drink it..

Most importantly, enter into a place of stillness before combining & charging the pouch. Meditate, pray, devote your altar devotion, conjure sacred space, cast circle, call quarters, whatever it takes to bring you closer to the sacred. Then charge the pouch with Grace, the words being your wand. Just remember, Grace isn’t commanded, it is invoked by prayer.

Once this is done, you have a vibrational touchstone to remind you that Grace is always present, if we are willing to enter into its presence. Though, it helps if we can catch a whiff of the stuff.

Looking forward to a Year of Grace

Rev. Mark A. Lyons


The Spell for Grace

The Silver Broom, Yule 2015

In this time & in this place, I now do conjure a channel of Grace.

By Thought, by Will, by Heart, by Deed I channel Grace for every need.

For the highest good & harming none, as I will it so let it be done.

So Mote It Be!

Blessed Beltane & Happy Birthday to The Silver Broom Ministries!

All Who TSBM

10 years ago today Amy, myself & our coven, The Solitaries of the Silver Broom, took a giant leap of faith into destiny.
Thank you everyone for all off your love, participation & support these 10 years & going forward!
It is a great joy to serve such a fun community, congregation & coven. – MAL

Good Morning! & Blessed Beltane

Circle Logo 2003

17 years ago today I took a ride out to Riverhead, LI & signed the DBA papers for Drawing The Circle Productions, INC.
It has been a wild & joyous ride, doing what I love & serving my community at the same time.
No one thought we would make it this far, especially me, but here we are.
Thank you to everyone who has made it such a wonderful experience & here’s to the coming journey into more Magick, Miracles, Mysticism & Magnificence. – MAL