Your Dreams Begin Here – Session 3. Feeling Yr Dreams

Your Dreams Fall - Winter 2014

Roll back the tape; clear the pages; remember when …

In this third weeks session, catch yourselves in action, see, feel, hear what’s stopping you and redirect your energies into those desires which consistently evade you in a manner which will have you achieve your goals … “with grace and in perfect ways”*.

We invite Archangel Gabriel to assist us in working with our intuition, gut feelings, Highest Knowing Selves and our Guardian Angels. How do we go from exhaustion to excitement? What happens when you’re so “sick and tired” of wanting something so badly, you don’t even want to think about it? What can you do to make that come about?

This is an interactive, very fun course, which I’ve been told is “truly helpful” in your achievement of your Life Dreams.


Your Dreams Begin Here is a 4 week Spiritually Based Self Inquiring Motivational Intensive Seminar designed to assist you redesign your life by taking an indepth look at your thoughts, beliefs, desires, emotions, and making the adjustments necessary so that by the end of the course, you’re already implementing, manifesting and living what you, until now, thought was not possible.

It’s the Quantum Leap of Faith into your life long dreams, and yes, it truly works. Just ask those who have already jumped in.

This course includes teachings from The Bible, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Western and Eastern Philosophies, i.e., Encyclopedia of Angels, Feng Shui (your mind), Buddhism, Self healing, Holistic Nutrition, Reiki – The Universal Life Force, Chakra System, balances, imbalances, healing them, Meditations. This course will also point you in the direction of all you seek via the w.w.w., library, resources galore.

This course (as they all do) begins to work the moment you register because once you COMMIT to paving a new path for yourself, the paths open for you highest good, so step right up.

SO, what WOULD you want to have happen for you from your participation in the class? What would it be like to be living that … Just cuz you said so?

Come ride the Train of Truths and Driving Your Dreams To Reality.

* excerpt from Florence Skovel-Shinn’s teachings.

Children: 10 years and up are WELCOME with their parent(s)al guardian present!! We’ve had several pre-teens, teens designing what they want tomorrow — today.

Price $20 per class or MORE if you like. Anything over $15 will be donated to THE SILVER BROOM MINISTRIES.
MC, VS, CHECK, CASH & Paypal Accepted: Leave home without it. American Express is not accepted. :D

I look forward to seeing you there. Blessed bliss.
Rev. JG

Tarot Manifestation Work Shop


This is an 11week workshop which will focus on the meaning of the positions of the Celtic Cross spread and we will create our own unique cards in which to place in each position.These cards will read in the way you envision them to be in order to create your goal or final outcome.

This is a perfect way to kick off your Yule intention.
We will work on one position each week.
So bring your crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors and magazines in order to crate your cards.

At the 11th week we will hold a ritual to empower your spread.

Join me, Gaetana Moffa, as we have fun creating our own Tarot spread and let the manifestations begin!

Fee: $20 per week.

The Vortex Appreciation Group: Guided Meditation


Guided meditation has been a staple of spiritual practice for decades in the west. Easier than the ‘stilling the mind’ of eastern practices, these forms help us focus with gentle nudges of imagery & suggestions that raise vibration.

Tonight we try a new approach to our discussion by starting with a simple baseline meditation. Then we will address each participants question with 5 or so minutes of guided meditation relation to the question. This should be a fun way to push the leading edge further & become an easy vibrational match to what we want.

Based on the teachings of Abraham via Esther Hicks. Our intent is to explore the Laws, raise our vibration & ride on the leading edge of deliberate creation.

Admission is $10. Reservations Required.

WitchClass Cycle One: Class Twelve – Ritual Design


WitchClass Cycle One
with Rev. Mark A.Lyons & Rev. Amy Krinner
$10 admission. Reservations Required.

Whether you’re a Witch, a Witch in training, or just curious, these classes are a fun introduction to the Craft. With a focus on the Witch’s Rede: “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will” students learn the basics in the Art & Science of Witchcraft.

Class Twelve – Ritual Design
Class Thirteen – Graduation Ceremony

Certificates of Completion given to each student.

Sunday Imbolc Service with Lady Gaetana


Every Sunday morning at 10am people meet to renew & recharge.

In this spiritual service, the group has a chance to relax, chat & discuss what they need & what’s up in the world.

Sabbat Services honoring the seasonal Holidays of the Wheel of the Year are offered consistently.

This is a Universal service. All who harm none are welcome.

Donations requested but not required.

The Witch Archetype with Rev. Mark A. Lyons


The Witch Archetype with Rev. Mark A. Lyons
Reservation Required. $40 Admission
In this four hour lecture we will examine some of the many soul powers that make up the Witch Archetype.

In this we can find our own alchemical mix of energies that better define who we are as Witches individually & collectively.

Examples: Advocate, Alchemist, Artist, Avenger, Caregiver, Detective, Femme Fatale, Gossip, Guide, Healer, Hermit, Liberator, Martyr, Mystic, Priest / Priestess, Rebel, Scribe, Seeker, Shapeshifter, Spellcaster, Storyteller, Teacher, Trickster, Visionary, Warrior, Shaman.
This lecture is open to all & will have hourly breaks.