The Vortex


The #Vortex with Rev. Mark A. Lyons
Admission is $10. Reservations Required.

With the Autumn season underway, it is the perfect time to focus on the interior manifestations of desire (Fire) & emotion (Water) through the deliberate choosing of thought (Air). This leads to physical manifestations (Earth) according to Universal Law.

It is true that we each create our own reality, but only a small percentage of people do it deliberately.
Universal Law is really at the heart of all #Magick.
But you have to be a consistent emotional match to what you want for it to show up.

Join us for this ongoing weekly meeting where we tune to Spirit, ask questions, allow answers & attract to us everything that we want to be, do & have.

The Tarot Workshop: Level I


The Tarot Workshop with Rev. Mark A. Lyons

This workshop is for those looking to deepen their experience with Tarot &/or are establishing a career as a professional Tarot Reader.

Each Workshop includes lectures, hands on exercises & personal instruction to facilitate a deep & resonant experience as a Tarot Reader.

Each participant receives a Rider Waite Tarot Deck as a working notebook Students are encouraged to write on these cards as they learn the system.

Reservations Required.
Admission is $200 per level.

Course Syllabus:
Level I – The Literal Interpretation: Card by card analysis, The mysterious history of the deck, Expanding Correspondences, The Psychology of the Mystic Insights Tarot, Tarot Notation, Tarot Journal setup & exercises
Payment plans are available & PayPal is available for this event:

Witchclass Cycle One: Gods & Goddesses


#WitchClass Cycle One
with Rev. Mark A Lyons & Rev. Amy Krinner
Admission is $10. Reservations are Required.

Tonight we will discuss Gods & Goddesses as a lens through which we draw divine power into our #spells & lives. Focusing on the Olympian Greek Pantheon, we look at the many archetypal patterns of power we all have within us & how to bring them out & into our lives in wise ways.

Reservation are helpful for this class so we can prepare paper handouts of correspondences, making this class much easier to follow. (Less note taking)

5. Gods & Goddesses (Advanced Spell Casting)
6. The Wheel of the Year
7. Circle Casting
8. Quarter Calls
9. Divination
10. Magickal Tools
11. Ethics & Etiquette & Cycle Review
12. Ritual Design
13. Graduation Ceremony

Sunday Morning Services with Lady Gaetana


Every Sunday morning at 10am people meet to renew & recharge.

In this spiritual service, the group has a chance to relax, chat & discuss what they need & what’s up in the world.

Sabbat Services honoring the seasonal Holidays of the Wheel of the Year are offered consistently.

This is a Universal service. All who harm none are welcome.

Donations requested but not required.

The Silver Broom Halloween Party




Saturday, October 31 at 7:00pm – 10:00pm



Join us for our annual Halloween Party at the Silver Broom in Sayville.
Please bring food or drink to share.
There will be a brief Samhain, “Takin’ Off” Ritual at 8pm.

This year we are holding a $5 Halloween Raffle.
• 1st Prize: A Magick Magnolia Love Broom (4.5 ft long)
• 2nd Prize The Season 5 Walking Dead Blue Ray Digital Download.
• 3rd Prize a $20. Silver Broom Gift Certificate.

Drop by during store hours in October to get a raffle ticket.
The winning ticket will be drawn at the party.
Participants need not be present at the drawing to win.

We will also be having our usual 50/50 raffle.
All proceeds of all raffles go to the Silver Broom Ministries.

Admission is free.

An Enchanted Evening


An Enchanted Evening
A Magickal fund Raiser for the Silver Broom Ministries
Always the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Join us for a night of $1 a minute Readings, Reiki & other services from one of our practitioners:
Angel Readings, Reiki, Runes & Tarot
(subject to change due to availability)
50/50 Raffle & Music, Snacks & More!

All proceeds go to The Silver Broom Ministries.
Come join the party!

Your Dreams Begin Here – Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall …

Your Dreams Summer Fall 2015

Who’s The Fairest One Of All?
“Every One is Fair, Your Majesty, We are All 1” ….
Oh, Wait! That’s not how that goes … But … Why Not?

Many have heard me say that ‘God is a Disco Ball’ … I believe this because their many mirrors reflect outward, unable to see within without the assistance of another reflecting back … and if we’re all 1, who and what you see before you is YOURSELF.

How easssy is it to point outward — yet we’re blinded to our own light unless we take a walk in the darkness to find it. What’s Up With That? And what’s in there, anyway? You know WHY you want things, but what OUT THERE has you want it WITHIN YOU. Let’s check it out.

Don’t forget, Miracles happen in this course. I don’t know why … But they do and EVERY WEEK someone walks in with their jaw in a wheelbarrow and a (mostly) wonderful story to tell.

This is an interactive, very fun course, which I’ve been told is “truly helpful” in your achievement of your Life Dreams.


Your Dreams Begin Here began as a four week Spiritually Based Self Inquiring Motivational Intensive Seminar and has developed to become an ongoing inquiry designed to assist you in the redesign your life by taking an indepth look at your thoughts, beliefs, desires, emotions, and making the adjustments necessary so that by the end of the course, you’re already implementing, manifesting and living what you, until now, thought was not possible.

It’s the Quantum Leap of Faith into your life long dreams, and yes, it truly works. Just ask those who have already jumped in.

This course includes teachings from The Bible, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Western and Eastern Philosophies, i.e., Encyclopedia of Angels, Feng Shui (your mind), Buddhism, Self healing, Holistic Nutrition, Reiki – The Universal Life Force, Chakra System, balances, imbalances, healing them, Meditations. This course will also point you in the direction of all you seek via the w.w.w., library, resources galore.

This course (as they all do) begins to work the moment you register because once you COMMIT to paving a new path for yourself, the paths open for you highest good, so step right up.

SO, what WOULD you want to have happen for you from your participation in the class? What would it be like to be living that … Just cuz you said so?

Come ride the Train of Truths and Driving Your Dreams To Reality.

Children: 10 years and up are WELCOME with their parent(s)al guardian present!! We’ve had several pre-teens, teens designing what they want tomorrow — today.

Price $20 per class or MORE if you like.
MC, VS, CHECK, CASH & (Paypal Accepted @

Leave home without it. American Express is not accepted. 😀

I look forward to seeing you there. Blessed bliss.
Rev. JG
Silver Broom Ministries
46 Railroad Avenue
Sayville, NY 11782

The Wise Wealth Workshop


The Wise Wealth Workshop
with Rev. Mark A Lyons
Admission $10. Reservation Required.

This week we look at EFT: The Emotional Freedom Technique.

“If the #wealth isn’t in the hands of the wise, where is it?”
This is the question that inspired this weekly 2 hour workshop for Witches & non Witches alike.

Each week we will apply knowledge from different wisdom traditions to help those in attendance BE wealth rather then GET wealthy.

Discussion topics will include Dharma, Financial Karma, Magick, Quantum, Spells, Universal Laws & of course Witchcraft in general, to inspire anyone wanting to live a wealthier life to create that deliberately.